About Us


What services does MEP Offer Businesses?

MEP works directly with manufacturers in areas such as cost control and reduction, technology deployment, skill development, quality system analysis and creation, process analysis and improvement, facility design and layout, and pursuing other world-class manufacturing initiatives. MEP doesn’t make the products you buy, we make the companies you buy them from better!

How Do We Do It?

Most projects begin with a proprietary Discovery Assessment. From this assessment, performed by one or more of our senior MEP advisors, five to ten important issues facing your operation are identified that could be addressed in order to begin working towards your enterprises goals.

After consensus, using the data from the Discovery Assessment. MEP develops a proposal specifying the projects and solutions to help the client, begin your tailored improvement process. Specific Benchmarks and Measurements are part of the program giving you’re the Metrics you need to ensure that MEP accurately addresses and delivers on its commitments.

MEP then implements a combination of project-based processes, training system and classes designed to help the clients move ahead and realize real results. We’re unique in business advising, because we offer a performance and satisfactions guarantee. A year after the project completion, independent surveys with MEP clients are conducted to measure the impact and results of MEPs efforts.