A3 is a one-page story that is told on a 11 X 17 (roughly A3 size) sheet of paper. The story follows the improvement cycle of plan, do, check, and act. An employee that follows each step of the A3 process learns the way to accurately identify and eliminate problems. This structured problem-solving approach is a report that guides a 10-step problem-solving model covering problem identification to resolution fostering learning, collaboration, and personal development.
Business Building Blocks

Companies often learn to solve problems by meeting the objective of the work while ignoring the real cause of the barriers to sucess. These barriers cost the company valuable time and inefficiencies,because the root of the problem is encountered over and over again, performance is continually disrupted, production times lengthered, and resources lost. MEP will teach your organization how to:

  • Analyze and grasp the situation to begin solving
  • Investigate and discover the root cause
  • Set new target conditions
  • Create and Implement soltions and counte measures
  • Implement counter measures and apply them to the identiied problem
  • Creates a culture of improvement, increasing waste awareness and elimination
  • Manage and sustain the ensuing change to create lasting continuous improvement

Profitability Factors

A3 training gives your company more profit opportunities by eliminating problems that stand in your workforce’s way, costing you valuable resources. Companies using A3 training generate more profit by eliminating those problems that consume resources, production time, and needlessly use additional manpower.

A3 training provides a framework for discovering what might be costing your enterprisea foundation for additional targeted modules to complete your personalized training system. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business.