In manufacturing and service businesses, the debate over pollution continues. Carbon Footprinting is a continuous improvement baseline for all business models. Large Producers (25,000 metric tons of C02 per year) know the regulations. If exempt, Carbon Footprinting is the cornerstone of many sustainability efforts, identifying pollutants that damage equipment, compromise health, and put your company at risk. All businesses can benefit from pollution control and sustainability practices that protect your operation. Carbon Footprinting also increases consumer opinion and sales, keeps employee absenteeism low, and increases profitability through conservation. Monitoring promotes waste reduction, opens the door for emerging green business, and puts you in the news as a community caretaker. With new regulations emerging daily, be ahead of the curve and compliance ready with this excellent program.

Building Blocks
Let MEP assist you in building a strong foundation for continuous improvement and profitability. We’ll train you to:

  • Identify the tools for calculating and understanding the carbon dioxide emissions from your business
  • Assess and develop an inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) from your facility
  • Identify opportunities that will reduce environmental waste as measured by GHGs
  • Prioritize and plan improvement activities that will return savings to the bottom line
  • Identify and implement opportunities for employees to help reduce environmental waste
  • Training and implementation that is consistent with compliance
  • Help you create community action plans that showcase you as a concerned businessman and leader

Profitability Factors
Using Carbon Footprinting as baseline measure allows you to identify profitability opportunities and measure your progress. Reducing the use and waste of natural resources is another approach to continuous improvement and as such will drive increased profitability.

Carbon Footprinting is a highly visible measurement that can be used to demonstrate a company’s commitment to the improvement of their community, increasing goodwill awareness and boosting awareness and sales.