Crucial Conversations is a program designed to help you ask the right questions so you can get the answers you need to move your enterprise ahead. MEP brings you industry leaders and manufacturing professionals engaged in high-functionality businesses that can serve as models for your success. By taking advantage of their expertise, you’ll build your business with proven techniques others have used to generate their success. This is a critical course you’ll want now to take the first steps towards increased profitability.

Business Building Blocks
This course in designed to give participants the opportunity to have critical conversations with industry leaders

  • Understand the structure of high-functioning companies
  • Ask the questions you need to ask to get the answers that will move your enterprise forward
  • Gain insight from professionals who are leading their companies to increased profitability
  • Get deeper insight into what kinds of training works, and produces optimal results
  • Gain an understanding of emerging profit niches in the manufacturing industries
  • Hear the hard line on what you must do to get to the next level

Profitability Factors
Businesses improve and CEOs provide more targeted leadership when they have the right information. Becoming profitable, increasing your product line, developing new products, or optimizing your enterprises’ functionality can become a reality when you get the answers you need to move your business forward. Crucial Conversations is designed to give you the opportunity to hear the information you need by people who are achieving results today.

Crucial Conversations is designed to help you transform your business. It’s an essential element in any 5P Strategy designed to help businesses get on track with industry savvy advice from successful business professionals. Call for additional details, or to set up a series of through-provoking conversations for your business.