The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate serves as verifiable proof of your green knowledge by successfully completing an exam. The SME exam (a 3-hour exam which includes over 100 questions) and the Green Enterprise Development course are built upon the same body of knowledge. This exam is proctored by MEP as authorized by the SME organization.

Business Building Blocks
A Green Manufacturing Specialist Certificate verifies understanding of a body of knowledge including.

MEP will show you how to:

  • Sustainability and global conditions
  • Material and solid waste management
  • Energy management.
  • Chemical waste management/green chemistry
  • Climate/ air emissions management
  • Supply water / waste water management
  • Environmental business management

Profitability Factors
Implementing green-driven sustainability programs, including training and certification by an independent, recognized organization makes sense economically, environmentally, and socially. This triple bottom-line impact 1) improves efficiency, lowers costs, and reduces regulatory compliance expenses; 2) reduces demand for natural resources and energy from nature, and reduces waste to nature; and 3) avails resources and energy for others, and renewable efforts create new jobs.

The SME Examination will rigorously challenge the student’s knowledge and understanding of sustainability principles and practices. The Green Enterprise Development course is the best way to acquire the necessary knowledge and prepare for the exam. Such certification is a sure way to develop a sustainability program on a solid foundation with trained personnel.