ISO 26000 offers guidance on socially responsible behavior and possible actions with regard to environmental issues. ISO 26000 does not contain requirements and, therefore, in contrast to ISO management system standards, is not certifiable. ISO 26000 cannot be used as basis for audits, conformity tests and certificates, or for any other kind of compliance statements.

Business Building Blocks
As a guidance document, ISO 26000 encourages organizations to discuss their environmental social responsibility issues and possible actions with relevant stakeholders including customers, employees, suppliers and investors. ISO 26000 encourages socially responsible behavior for environmental issues.

MEP teaches you:

  • What ISO 26000 considers ethical and transparent behavior
  • International consensus standards and regulations constituting best practice
  • How to participate to consistently conform to assessment in the worldwide marketplace
  • The role of International Standards and how companys benefit
  • How to asses situation, fix objectives, develops policy, then implement meaningful action

Profitability Factors
Companies who expect to compete in a world-wide economy will need to address the relevant environmental issues that exist in all possible markets. ISO 26000 provides direction and guidance for addressing these issues and may be paramount to the expnsion of any business in today’s earth conscious climate.

ISO sets the standard for increased interaction and commerce into the world of international business. Plan now to include ISO training to your 5P strategy so you can increase your global footprint and grow your enterprise. Call for additional details, or to set up ISO training for your business.