ISO 50001

Using energy efficiently is what ISO 50001 is all about. This certification helps organizations save money and conserve resources as well as tackle climate change. ISO 50001 supports organizations throughout manufacturing to be energy efficient by developing an energy management system (EnMS) using the model of continuous improvement.

Business Building Blocks
Because continual improvement is used in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, enterprises can more easily integrate energy management into companywide strategies for improving quality and environmental management. You’ll learn to:

  • Align targets and objectives to conform to your businesses’ strategic policies.
  • Develop an integrated and efficient policy for the use of energy.
  • Create benchmarks and measure how well the policy works
  • Process data to make decisions about how energy use should be modified for profitability
  • Work within your company’s risk management policy.
  • Help you meet contractual or regulatory requirements.
  • Implement the program to improve efficiency of overall company operations

Profitability Factors
Profitability results from applying technques and processes within the ISO 50001. You’ll gain expertise in:

  • International good practice standards relating to operation and compliance.
  • CASCO Certification standards and requirements.
  • How to be formaliy recognized by an independent body
  • Improving your status and veracity through ISO compliance to increase client confidence
  • Using your quality management system as part of product certification.

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