ISO 9001

Conformity assessment is an important component of world trade. By creating a standard that products, materials, services, people, and systems comply with, a relevant and consistent standard for uniform commerce is realized. ISO’s mission is to develop International Standards that are a voluntary criteria. The criteria is an international consensus of best practice so that entities worldwide can rely upon uniform standards for planning, quality, and value. This enables users to offer products and services globally with confidence in content and quality of production

Building Blocks
Applying standards widens trading opportunities so businesses can profit in the global marketplace.

MEP teaches you:

  • The voluntary criteria that is the globally accepted market concensus
  • International consensus standards and regulations constituting best practice
  • How to participate to consistently conform to assessment in the worldwide marketplace
  • Why and how the ISO program facilitates trade across borders
  • Which quality standards and systems are most suited to a client
  • Training and implementation that is consistent with compliance
  • Action plans relevant for you and your enterprise facilitating partication

Profitability Factors

ISO standards ensure characteristics such as quality, safety, reliability, efficiency and interchangeability are implemented within your organization so that trade opportunities widen for commerce. Increased commerce brings more B to B and Consumer business, increasing profits and creating opportunities for new product development.

ISO sets the standard for increased commerce allowing for your expansion into the world of international business. Plan now to include ISO training to your 5P strategy so you can increase your global footprint and grow your enterprise. Call for additional details, or to set up ISO training for your business.