ISO 29000 is informational and instructive in the handling and use of hazardous fluids and gases through a variety of processes. Training is provided on public safety for employees and the public. Environmental protection is also covered for those businesses requiring the maintenance of revenue streams and operational integrity. Issues include quality product supply within a QMS encompassing both the goods supplier and service contractor.

Profitability Basics
Gives suppliers manufacturers of oil industry equipment and materials the details that participants in the petro industry need for compliance and standards assessment. This is an essential course for those involved with equipment purchasing, providers of materials and services, and enterprises needing a benchmark for standard for assessments and certification. Covers:

  • Detailed, sector-specific compliance requirements
  • Standards for design, development, production, installation and service of products
  • Quality system requirements for the oil and gas industry
  • Technical specs for development of a continual improvement quality management system (QMS)
  • Improves production flow increasing output and improving product quality
  • Training on defect prevention and tactics for reducing variation and waste in the supply chain

Profitability Basics
Helps providers avoid multiple systems of certification requiring multiple audits. Provides requirements for product and service supply organizations of the industry’s quality management system requirements worldwide. Highlights safety consideration for personnel, and defines benchmark requirements for the protection of the environment.

Business increase their profit opportunities when they are able to define operating parameters, including rules, regulations, standards, and certification requirements. By focusing on defect prevention through variation elimination, and and identification and eradification of waste, enterprises can achieve a more lucrative operational model.

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