Kaizen Events are a Continuous Improvement Tool that brings together employees from various departments to examine a problem, proposes solutions, and implements changes. Kaizen events usually take place over 3 – 5 days.

Business Building Blocks

Kaizen Events are integrated, immersive, hands-on sessions executed in a team format to help foster workplace dyamics following the event. The approach is for companies that need rapid improvement. Participants learn the business building blocks to create an environment of successful group organizational work with a focus on waste reduction and elimination.

  • Team Creation, Formation, and Operation
  • Facilitation, and Facilitative Leadership Skills
  • Root causation techniques, and tools
  • Validation of Root Cause Drivers to improve processes
  • Solution Creation, and the Lean Tool House
  • Mapping the key processes for improvement
  • How to effectively scope your continuous improvement efforts

Profitability Factors

Because our Kaizen method is a teamed approach, we teach where the real work is done. A “Gemba” or facilitator is used during an intensive 5-day event. Participants are the people who do and support the work. The Kaizen team uncovers and measures waste; generates, selects, and implements ways to eliminate it; measures and documents its results; and establishes a means for sustaining and monitoring the improvements it makes. Profit enhancing factors such as focus development, methodology, and deployment. The principle of Facilitated Leadership is demonstrated and acted out, showing that individuals within the organization can be accountable for management of Kaizan principles, and can manage task execution. Assessment and utilization of the businesses strengths such as diverse team members, and the corporate culture are also addressed as factors needing management in order to increase operational facility and heighten profitability.

A Kaizen Event is an important module that should be considered in any 5P Strategy plan. It helps business owners provide a foundation with employees for additional targeted modules that may be required to complete your personalized training system. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business.