Kanban Pull Systems is an essential skill for managing inventory. Kanban Pull System controls the flow of resources in a production process by replacing only what has been consumed. It is a scheduling system that signals what to produce, and which only produces the items customers need. A sophisticated, yet simple process helps businesses run cleaner, and spend less on inventory, and inventory management.

Business Building Blocks

By reducing inventory, manpower and resources are conserved to help grow the business. We give you the keys to:.

  • Reducing inventory and halt waste from product obsolescence
  • Improve communication with the customer so needs are met and return sales are stimulated
  • Identify and correct quality problems as they occur, before resources are wasted
  • Realize lower unit cost through intelligent management of resources
  • Generate continuous improvement to increase competitive stance
  • Eliminate overproduction problems that lead to lost revenues such as warehousing and obsolescence
  • Reduce Work In Process (WIP)
  • Improve Cashflow and realize production cost easing

Profitability Factors

Pull Systems help eliminate handling and storing costs, and improves delivery of product to the customer The quantity of the products produced is based on actual demand, not on forecasting. With a pull-system in place, profitability factors that are affected are cost savings on manufacturing goods, improvement in scheduled work and manpower use, Efficiencies of manufacturing that eliminate the need for warehousing and unscheduled delivery costs. Employees are trained in pull systems learn to be more efficient on the job, because of the implementation of a system that drives the work output. Profitability is increased when the operation is engaged in practices that save money, and eliminate waste.

Implement Kanban Pull Systems after completing Lean 101 to add to your Lean foundation, and increase tactical execution excellence. Further increase your improved operating ability with additional courses designed to add deeper functionality and increased cost savings. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business.