Managers face extreme time demands. Increased task and time pressures require hiring competent people to share the workload. Managers failing to build productive relationships with hires decrease their ability to deliver results leading to “big boy or girl” criticism. This leadership response is a self deception blindspot where managers justify their leadership failures, attacking poor performance from hires by excusing their own performance shortfalls through blame “boxes.”

Business Building Blocks
Productive workforces require management recognition of “box” syndrome, avoiding self-deception. This program:

  • Helps in identifying blame “boxes” that keep you and your managers from leading effectively
  • Teaches how to train, how to set goals, and how to clarify expectations for all employees
  • Identifies how justification of manager shortfalls (self-deception) causes breakdowns in morale and performance.
  • Helps managers understand and identify circumstances that foster the blame phenomenon.
  • Shows how socialization, personal biases, fear, and cognitive repression develops self deception traits.
  • Demonstrates how self-deception is motivated by desire, anxiety, stress and other emotions.
  • Teaches how to overcome factors that generate and promote self-deceptive behaviors.

Profitability Factors

Humans participate in self-deception because of emotional attachments to beliefs, which in some cases may be irrational, or are survival mechanisms. Learning to identify and overcome these tendencies to react by placing others in “boxes” that identify them as falling short in performance and protects the Leader is critical to organization success. Enterprises are more productive when all members of the work culture function in reality, address issues causing performance shortfalls, and work in healthy teams for the success of the organization.

Businesses needing to improve their working environments and make them more productive can do so by participating in this program. It’s a valuable resource that all management levels, including upper management can benefit from resulting in increased profitability. Call your MEP representative for additional details, and see how our Arbinger-Hosted Leadership/Self-Deception program fits into your overall 5P Strategic approach for profitability today.