Lean 5S is a manufacturing improvement process that helps identify production problems, assists organizations in becoming better organized, while creating a culture of discipline, leading to consistent “inspection-ready” status. Using 5S Lean organizes corporate operations and uncovers opportunities for improvement, making them visible, and therefore, actionable.

Business Building Blocks
By creating organized and orderly processes, resources are conserved adding to bottomline profitability.

  • Employees’ time is more productive, less wandering and wondering what to do next
  • Quality of Life is improved by increasing productivity, engagement, and by meeting goals
  • Orderly environments are less dangerous, reducing possible hazards and liabilities
  • Utilization of machinery at higher capacity levels increases production, lowering costs
  • Improved production flow increases output saving time and improving product quality
  • A culture of order encourages equipment care and maintenance, conserves employee time

Profitability Factors
Lean 5S is based on 5 principles that are factors, when followed, that can lead to increased profitability:

  • Sort. Remove extra items from the workplace, keep necessary items, assign standard places for tools
  • Straighten. Arrange materials/tools so they are easy to use. Visual labeling and outlining of locations
  • Shine. Clean and maintain equipment and tools daily to see and prevent problems
  • Standardize. Standardize checks and procedures, create routine, standardized to-do lists
  • Sustain. Checks using problem-solving sheets to indentify missed targets. Review scores to improve

Employees are trained in strategic organization and sorting of equipment and tools to facilitate use and availability for assigned tasks. This ensures employees have what they need, when they need it, to finish work in a timely fashion. It also means less overtime, and increased focus during the work day Other important points to profitability include:

Implement 5S after completing Lean 101 to add to your Lean foundation, and increase tactical execution excellence. Further increase your improved operating ability by adding Lean 5S to your 5P Strategic Plan. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business.