Lean Accounting changes how a company manages finances, and ultimately how the company itself is managed. Accounting, Lean-style, quickly provides accurate data without the fuss. The objective of this approach is like the Lean process itself: eliminate waste, free up capacity, speed the process, eliminate errors and defects, and make everything clear and understandable. Companies benefit from accounting that cuts complexity, is accurate, and gets to point quickly.

Business Building Blocks
Businesses gain a competitive edge by using lean accounting. Key information is available quickly facilitating decisions that enable greater control. Learn the advantages of numbers that are Lean, clean and quick. MEP shows you:

  • How Lean Accounting (LA) teaches your whole company Lean operating principles
  • Why LA empowers accounts payable, receivable, payroll, costs, and reporting
  • How cost/profitability reporting is quick and accurate using Value Stream Costing
  • How LA financial reports are clear and readable to anyone company, and the benefits
  • Why box score reporting on a single sheet helps your company grow quickly
  • The power of LA statements that value stream managers use for real time cost control
  • How LA incorporates GAAP mechanics, but gets matching outcomes without them

Profitability Factors

Lean Accounting produces timely, accurate, understandable data usable by managers, sales people, accountants, improvement teams and others to make quick decisions, and grow your company. Lean Accounting enables:

  • Accurate, readable financials that empower employees leading to growth, profitability, and cash flow
  • Waste and complexity elimination from accounting process while maintaining tight financial control
  • Information actionable companywide empowering continuous improvement at all company levels
  • Financial measurements center around their value streams for a clearer understanding of actual costs

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