The Green Enterprise Development (LeanErgy!) certificate was designed for manufactures and others interested in learning how to apply sustainable, environmentally friendly practices in the workplace. This program provides students with hands-on activities, simulations and case studies to teach environmental sustainability that leads to process improvement.

Building Blocks
This Green Enterprise Development Certificate program is conducted through a partnership with MEP

  • Learn about sustainable practices, and how businesses can benefit from environmentally sound practices
  • Receive a LeanErgy! Certificate from Salt Lake Community College
  • Participants learn management tools to identify opportunities for sustainable practices in business
  • Understand how to increase profitability by recognizing and building on green opportunities

Profitability Factors
Companies cannot ignore the opportunities that exist in the reduction of environmental waste. Understanding what to look for, and how to create an opportunity for sustainable expansion while helping to direct these efforts will be invaluable in competing for new and continued business opportunities.

Plan now to participate in LeanERGY! and gain valuable information on incorporating sustainabliity practices into your business. Learn to recognize, and build on green opportunities that open the door to untapped markets focused on green initiatives.

Call for additional details, or to set up MEP Green Belt training for your business.