A Local Tour takes participants to locations where MEP plans have been succesfully implemented. Here you’ll experience a business that is benefitting from actual training provided by MEP and factored into the production process. This class includes is a live experience designed to convey the difference that Lean concepts and benefits can make in an actual working format. Visitors see actual processes in action to better visualize how implementation can help their businesses realize the same effects. Participants acquire a foundational understanding of how Lean tools and processes effect positive transformation in businesses.

Business Building Blocks

Local Tours provide “in the trenches” perspectives of the positives of the Lean Process in action, offering:

  • Real-time up-close views of the difference Lean training makes
  • Feedback from those engaged in the Lean process as to the benefits of implementtion and profit impact
  • Visualization opportunities for how Lean can impact their business
  • Opportunities for Q and A with employees and management
  • First-hand experience of Lean production flow techniques
  • Opportunities to see how different businesses have implemented Lean processes

Profitability Factors

Local tours demonstrate the effect of actual environments participating in the continual improvement process, and see first hand an environment of aggregating profitability through the practice of Lean principles. Implementing Lean manufacturing efficiencies leads to higher quality products, produced with less waste, in shorter timeframes. Local Tours lets you see this in action.

Plan now to make a Local Tour program part of your overall 5P Strategy for Success. Call for additional details, or to set up a set of Tour dates for your management team