Plant layout directly affects material flows, productivity, and personnel within any business, but often evolves over time without adequate thought about the cost and wastes associated with ineffective layout and material flows. Plant Layout affects material flows, productivity, and profit within any business, but is in a constant evolution. Without direction or strategy, plants can evolve into money traps that suck the profit from your business. Profit forecasting includes accounting for the drag of wastes, and inefficiencies associated with ineffective layout.

Business Building Blocks
Whether you are building a new facility, moving, expanding or just looking to improve your operations, an effective plant layout will improve productivity, reduce costs. Not only is it a good fiscal move from a daily manfacturing standpoint, it also sets the stage for continuous improvement and transformation ongoing.Employees loyalty and committment is strengthened as they contribute to the design as stakeholders. Inclusion in important moves helps to engage employees in the business by reinforcing their value to the organization.

Profitability Basics
Reducing manufacturing costs through improved plant layout is an effective way to improve profitability. MEP can help you learn how to save money, increasing profits by:

  • Strategizing the the arrangement for best use space
  • Improving the flow of information, people, and product
  • Getting the proper equipment type and location
  • Reducing redundancy and waste
  • Improving working conditions, morale, and productivity

Take time with your MEP Representative to discuss modules that may be helpful in the Plant Layout process, and to complete your personalized training system. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business!