Poke Yoke Error-Proofing comes from Poka-yoke, a Japanese term that means to make fail-safe or mistake proof. A poka-yoke is any mechanism or process that prevents mistakes or defects.

Business Building Blocks

By creating systems that reduce errors, business grow more rapidly, and produce better products. We train you to:

  • Eliminate mistakes and errors in any process or system
  • Improve product quality
  • Create a better environment for worker safety
  • Reduce variability so products are consistent and improve in quality
  • Eliminate rework, conserving manpower and resources
  • Reduce raw materials waste

Profitability Factors

Designing a poke-yoke into your systems and processes eliminates mistakes, product rework and raw materials waste. A poke-yoke forces the user to do a task only one way. An example of poka-yoke is the dispensing nozzle on a diesel fuel pump; it is larger and will not fit into vehicle that uses unleaded gas. The nozzle design prevents consumers from putting the wrong fuel into their vehicles.

Employees are trained in Poke-Yoke systems are made aware of how a foolproof system can create less waste, and increase revenue. By implementing a fail-safe environment, less focus is placed on tasks which are esigned to monitor themselves, decreasing workloads on the employee, and increasing the output.

Reducing and eliminating mistakes improves product quality and increases customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers lead to long-term business growth and success.

Implement Poke-Yoke Systems when other factors have been completed such asVisual Workplace, and Kanban Pull Systems. Poke Yoke will increaseyour businesses’ tactical execution excellence. Further increase your improved operating ability with additional courses designed to add deeper functionality and increased cost savings. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business.