Policy deployment training is an advanced course designed for Corporate executives, managers, supervisors, and line leads. A CEO’s or manager’s big-picture goals must become specific deployable plans that leaders company-wide can execute within their own areas of responsibility. This course provides hands on training on how to transition a company vision from ideas and objectives into actionable tactics via executable policies. The training shows you and your managers how to take big goals, ideas and objectives, and break them down into short and long-term goals, framed in tactical policies then implemented throughout the organization.

Business Building Blocks
In order to achive your enterprises’ goals, those big-picture goals must be articulated into specific, actionable tactics that leaders can execute. MEP teaches a structured approach designed to ensure managerial actions will result in the execution of tactics leading to the realization of the corporate vision. Policy building blocks you’ll learn include:

  • Breaking the Corporate Vision into achievable goals
  • Creating strategies that support your vision’s goals
  • Defining your goals in terms of People, Product, Process, Planet, and Profit
  • Defining and allocating resources
  • Establishing Metrics and Benchmarks
  • Creation of an Accountability framework

Profitability Basics
Policy deployment aligns your company resources (time, money, energy) with the overall vision. This alignment reduces cost, improves quality, and strengthens on-time delivery. Increased profits accrue for your company through targeted use of resources, and create output of greater value for your customer..

A capable, highly effective team can miss the mark of achieving corporate goals when no clear, actionable, tactical strategy has been articulated as policy. Don’t miss out on profits that are waiting for you. Get your corporate policy structured and deployed with a 5P plan for success that includes this important centerpiece.

Your MEP Representative can discuss policy, and the needed support training to make the vision you have for your company’s success a reality. Call for additional details, or to set up a session for your business today!