MEP’s 8-Module SED course features 8 sustainable disciplines that businesses should consider important components of a comprehensive sustainable corporate initiative. “Going Green,” or sustainability, resource conservation, environmental protection, and renewability, is an emerging issue framing fiscal and operational objectives as companies look for ways to increase profits.

Environmentally conscious consumers buy from companies:

  • manufacturing energy efficient products (90%)
  • promoting health and safety benefits (88%)
  • supporting fair labor and uniform trade practices (87%)
  • committing to environmentally-friendly practices (87%)
  • running green, so consumers (58%) buy more from them
  • offering green products consumers will pay (20%) more for

Companies in six industries considered leaders in environmental social and governance policies have outperformed the general stock market by 25% with 72% of the companies outperforming their peers since August 2005.-Goldman Sachs

Ernst and Young’s 2008 report on ‘The Top 10 Business Risks for Business’ highlight two key business risks; 1.failure to respond and plan for environmental regulations and efficiency as important business risks to mitigate

Companies will be required to cut 25% of carbon emissions by 2020 and 50-80% by 2050 which will be mandated by both state and federal regulations. This will affect the availability and costs of energy which are expected to double within the next 10 years.

Position for Profit with Sustainable Policies

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