Learn how to manage and optimize energy use and alternative resources to cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Managing a comprehensive environmental sustainability program can create cost savings, as well as new product and process innovation benefits that increase profitability. This program demonstrates how to translate the vision of clean, reliable, cost-effective energy into a continuous and sustainable program optimizing resources, production, and the supply chain. Going green means going clean, lean, and strong.

Business Building Blocks
A sustainable energy business strategy helps you build your business. Energy efficiency means getting more from existing resources while increasing productivity and creating new economic growth. Businesses interested in reducing energy costs for overall operation can also make money from green energy production technologies to realize increased profits. MEP helps you identify methods to implement as you build a sustainability program that will drive business improvements, stimulate innovation, and identify new markets. MEP shows you how to:

  • Incorporate profitable sustainability benefits into your planning, design, development and manufacturing planning and process
  • Integrate lean energy efficiency analysis to lower manufacturing costs and boost innovation
  • Exploit renewable energy and realize energy efficiency to reduce COGS and develop new products
  • Increase business performance using clean tech like digital prototyping to reduce energy use and waste
  • Profit from multiple energy alternatives to optimize production, conserve resources, and increase output.

Profitability Factors
Energy from renewable resources is versatile, clean, and effective. It offers energy savings that stimulate process innovation, product development, and generates corporate economic growth. Federally-funded renewable programs often provide tax incentives, rebates, and cash awards for reduced energy operation and innovation.

Add SED Energy training to your 5P Strategy so you can unify sustainable efforts that empower your enterprise. All MEP SED courses integrated to produce a comprehensive sustainability initiative that will fit with your 5P Strategic plan. Call for additional details, or to set up a SED Energy Sustainability training course for your business