Learn how to apply green chemistry principles and techniques throughout the business. Hands-on activities focus on specifics in the application of green chemistry principles and techniques — from cleaning to machining — in order to properly use, manage, and destroy chemical waste. Industrial chemicals in manufacturing pose threats to workers and to the environment itself. Chemicals that are functional and convenient are often not safe. Surfactants, solvents, degreasers, preservatives, and many other chenmical products must be managed to meet regulations, and ensure human safety. Learn how to meet regulatory requirements and achieve a healthier, safer environment through interactive exercises about applying green chemistry principles in a business.

Business Building Blocks
Green chemistry replaces hazardous materials in processes to reduce or eliminate the use or production of substances. Green chemistry applies across the life cycle of a chemical product, including its design, manufacture, use, and disposal. Better solutions can be found that are less toxic, less expensive, and offer opportunities to begin thinking about streamlining processes and pursuing simpler manufacturing methods. MEP teaches you:

  • Why green (sustainable) chemistry is the future of manufacturing, and what you shoud do now
  • How green chemistry works to reduce waste, eliminating costly end-of-the-pipe treatments
  • Why safer products improves competitiveness of chemical manufacturers and their customers
  • How green chemistry led to innovative new product development used in making plywood and particle boards
  • Eliminating chemical waste without damage to soil and water tables in landfills requiring costly cleanup.

Profitability Factors
Implementing a green chemistry programs makes sense in elimination of costy cleanups, and preserving the environment. economically, environmentally, and socially. Improved operational efficiency while lowering production and maintenance costs, become compliant with regulations, and find innovative new soltions that could redefine your business. Renewable efforts are often Federally funded and can create new profit opportunities, as in the development of the new plywood product.

Add SED Toxicity “Green Chemistry” training to your 5P Strategy so you can unify sustainable efforts that affect your enterprise. All MEP SED courses integrate to produce a sustainability initiative that will fit with your 5P Strategic Plan. Call for additional details, or to set up SED Air training for your business.