Six Sigma Black Belt

Six Sigma Black Belt Builds on the knowledge learned in the Green Belt course, Six Sigma Black Belt is an advanced course to present additional tool in the Six Sigma methodology that can be used to improve the quality and reliability of complex processes. Black Belts learn how to identify and implement measurement, analytical, and business improvement and control tools, and facilitates improving quality by mentoring Green Belts in your organization. Black Belts are experts in learning how to produce products manufactured that are statistically free of defects, creating great value for your group.

Business Building Blocks

Certified Black Belts are experts at implementing Six Sigma principles. Black Belt training provides an advanced toolset for internal champions executing improvement activities and empowering them to lead complex improvement efforts and increase the performance and reliability of myriad business operations. Participants learn to:

  • Achieve aclear focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable financial returns
  • Implement strong management leadership and support
  • Lead and implement the Six Sigma approach
  • Improve existing business processes
  • Direct organization to focus on efficiency, growth, and foster innovation throughout the organization
  • Addresses process flow and waste issues

Profitability Factors

The direct profitability factors that come from Six Sigma are realized in successful project completion that improves the work processes of the business. Black Belt Certification creates leaders who focus on production and transactional system improvement to better meet customer expectations. The aspects of waste elimination and production streamlining contribute at their very core to increased profitability. Scrap, Defects and Variation on the manufacturing floor and in front office all cost your organization money. When those costs are from complex processes and systems, the Six Sigma Black Belt tools can be applied uncover and address the root cause to eliminate profit-killing problems.

Having employees participate in Six Sigma Black Belt training is a core training that would be valuable in any 5P Strategy plan. Other belt levels such as Yellow and Green Belt Certification would also be valuable for selected individuals in your groups chain of production command. Take time with your MEP Representative to discuss modules that may be required to complete your personalized training system. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business.