Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) is the practice of reducing the time it takes to change a line or machine from running one product to the next. The successful implementation of SMED is the key to a competitive advantage for any manufacturer that produces, prepares, processes or packages a variety of products on a single machine, line or cell. This is a critical course you’ll want now to take the first steps towards increased profitability.

Business Building Blocks
This course in designed to address the key SMED operating principles. You’ll learn:

  • Foundational knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • How to improve equipment utilization, and simplify set ups
  • Techniques to eliminate non-essential operations and increase profitability
  • How to reduce downtime of machines
  • Processes to increase production flow optimizing output and improving product quality
  • The keys improving functionality of employees, increasing task and waste awareness
  • Optimization of your operational process

Profitability Factors

Lean manufacturing provides a foundation for increased profitability by constantly, and consistently improving your ever-evolving workforce. SMED is part of that process. The goal of Lean production is defined as “getting the right things to the right place at the right time, while minimizing waste.” This basic, logical approach creates an environment of aggregating profitability through the practice of basic principles. Implementing SMED manufacturing efficiencies leads to higher quality products, produced with less waste, in shorter timeframes.

SMED provides a process for optimizing production and increasing efficiency. Call for additional details, or to set up a training for your business.