MEP Time Management (MEPTIME®) is an introductory course designed for the entire workforce. It teaches individuals, teams, and departments how to identify, prioritize, manage, and successfully complete important tasks and projects.

Business Building Blocks
Get your organization to the next level of performance by helping employees, team leaders, and managers learn principles of accountability, learning to control production rather than letting production factors control them.

MEP teaches you:

  • Tried and true concepts of effective Time Management
  • How to identify value-added activities to engage in activities that move the company forward
  • How to prioritize work throughout the day to receive maximum return for time expended
  • The valuable trait of accountability–how to take ownership and responsibility for your project outcomes
  • The secrets of accomplishing assignments on-time and on budget
  • How to work smarter, not harder to accomplish more and generate increased revenue

Profitability Factors
MEPTIME® training will make your employees more productive. Individuals, teams, and departments will generate more revenue by effective use of their time, and accepting more responsibility for projects’ completion, and being accountable for getting the job done creating e best quailtiy at the budgeted price.

Time Management is a fundamental skill and concept that is needed to take your organization to the next level. Obtaining executive skills such as time Management empowers employees to keep the workflow in check and on schedule, especially when accountability dictates the payoff, good or bad. Plan now to include Time Management training in your 5P strategy to increase the speed, quality, and output of your enterprise. Call for additional details, or to set up a training schedule for your organization.