MEP’s World Class Transformation program changes corporate culture requiring buy in from all participants. A customized plan designed for your company, guides the transformation process. Key performance milestones and strategic approaches are taught via classroom instruction, with hands on practice, and interactive role-playing to establish technique and group management.

Business Building Blocks
The building blocks of creating a new a corporate culture use basic abilities taught with your group at the center.

  • Learn. Process the incoming infromation from your environment
  • See. Look beyond the obvious to detect the realities around you
  • Communicate. Put your thoughts and experiences together in meaningful statements
  • Organize. Logically assemble in an orderly and usable fashion elements that work and belong together
  • Solve. Apply your learning and experience, to disorder or problems to find actionable order
  • Think Systemically. Find concept and universality in parts and processes to benefit the whole
  • Improve. Assess if something can be better, and offer solutions to make it happen
  • Sustain. Keep the ball rolling once it has begun.
  • Coach. Help others in your environment to see the whole, think, improve, organize, solve and communicate
  • Innovate. Take what has been, and make something new and better.

Profitability Factors
Transformation produces a culture where employees accept new direction, vision and roles, creating increased momentum and enabling the success of the vision. Avoid costly pitfalls that derail organizations–create an engaged, incentivized workforce culture, excited about producing to increase success. You’ll learn:

  • How to create a vision for transformation and establish objectives and milestones that define the vision.
  • Integrating transformation with clear incremental improvements based on “winnable” milestones
  • Basics of creating new policies and strategies designed to quickly move your company forward
  • Change management to implement organizational standards and practices
  • How to energize your organization to “get onboard” and provide momenum for the shift

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